No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
2002-10-09 22:06:19 (UTC)


I think its about to happen again! oh god!...the pressure
is getting too much to handle. i hate it when this happens.
it builds up and builds up until it explodes. i dont even
know what they are! anxiety attacks? oh well. theres not
much i can do about it so fuck it.
If Dre quits school imma transfer to CHS. I hate SHS. the
only thing i would miss about it would be my friends (the
few i actually have)...mike, jd, kim, tim, sean, laura,
cheeky, laura (not that i ever see her in school anyway!!),
theres more im sure (those are just the first to come to
mind) and im sorry if u actually read this and i forgot u.
they really are great friends...i have friends at CHS too
tho. ive thought for a while now that all i need is a fresh
start. a new school...a new city...a new state even! id
settle for a new school tho.


i love andre canale

1 more week...:-/