The White Rose
2001-08-01 20:44:19 (UTC)

Work Profiles (1 of ?)

I work for a small software house in the north of England.
We write software for MOD Contractors, and I have been
there for about two years. Its kind of fun - I have just
been moved on to a new project that is causing me major
headaches - I love it! (The last one I was on was getting a
bit easy and boring. This new one will not be).
When I started there were only five full time employees
(not including me) and within a week two of those had quit.
Now - some 26 months later - there are 15. Quite a change.

The company was founded by two guys - MR and GD. They used
to work for a defense contractor, but decided they could
write better software than they were using. And they have -
most of the stuff we write is used all over the country,
and in many parts of Europe. The two guys (knows as the
MDs) are nice enough, though they do have a tendancy to be
way too sarcastic at times.
The only other member of staff I have not included in my 15
is a contractor (the only one we employ). He is - almost
literally - a genius. There appears to be nothing he does
not know, and every day I am astounded by him. He is called
CT, and mostly deals with writing technical publications
and so forth (like manuals for helicopters etc).
Of the fifteen full time staff there are two analysts, ten
developers, two 'office managers' (who most people call
secretaries) and a general manager. I will start with the
office managers, since they are the staff I like the most
IF and LR basically administer everything between them.
They organize the pay, deal with the invoices, proposals
and so forth. While they don't have much say on what goes
in the invoices and proposals I think they are the only
people who know where everything is filed (which is quite
important!). They are also very friendly, and are pretty
much willing to help out whenever its needed. Given the
total lack of this spirit in some of the other staff
members, they are a rare find indeed!!
PA and AM are the two analysts. They deal with the
customers, and design the specs against which the
developers write the programs. AM has been with the company
for about four months longer than me, and PA joined last
year, after getting out of the armed forces. They are both
very good at what they do.
The general manager (IT) used to work with the MDs at their
old job, which is partly the reason he was hired. I guess
he is good at his job, but I don't like him much. He is
trying to do a lot of things in the company that I just
can't see working. (I could be wrong - be could be a genius
with a vision that will bring greatness and glory to the
company. And monkey's might fly out of my butt!).

Thats it for the non-development staff. (Being a software
house the development staff out-number the others nearly
two to one, so they all get their own entries).

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