Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2002-10-09 21:17:42 (UTC)

Austin's Christmas stuff

I've been trying to pick up christmas stuff here and
there.Small stuff for like 5-15$ each.So far we have a
chalk/dry erase board with 1-9 and the alphabet,a soft
squishey stuffed bear thats the same size as him,a small
sesame street Earnie guitar he wouldnt put down in the
store,and this bowl that suctions to the table.He should
like it all.I want to get him one BIG gift like a bike or
one of those battery opperated jeeps.I want to call frank
and ask him if he wants to chip in for Austin's christmas
gift,and see what he wants to do.Maybe my mom austin and I
can go down to his house or his sister's to visit them.I
have so much more shopping to do before christmas and money
is so freagin tight.Im starting DE in about two weeks for
41 more dollars so I wont see austin as much.Towards the
end of drivers ed I can start looking around for work.That
way I wont have to spend all my time working and at drivers
ed instead of being next to austin like I should be.One at
a time suits us better time wise.All I know is that this DE
thing is gonna be hard.Im going 4 evenings a week and
austin's schedule is going to be all screwed up.We'll
manage.We always do.