The White Rose
2001-08-01 20:31:04 (UTC)

Adventures in Fiction

My first 'proper' entry was going to be about work, but
something has come up in my surfing tonight and I have to
winge about it.

I joined another diary because it gave access to an on-line
fiction site. However the fiction site was (frankly) crap -
I could not organize the stories in the way I wanted to,
and trying to format them as I wanted them to appear was a
nightmare. So I delete the test stories, then deleted the
one entry and my details from it. I am not sure if I can
delete the diary itself, but I guess we shall see....

I'm quite upset about this really, because I have been
wanting to put some of my stuff on to a public site for a
while (I have my own site, but that's not half as fun as a
public one where people might actually read the stuff I
write) but I guess I will have to keep searching for a home
for it.

Now that I have got that off my chest I can go back to what
I was going to do....