sweet lil suga

*. .life is juss an illusion. .*
2001-08-01 20:19:26 (UTC)

lalala. .still dreamin. .

gOsh its so strange how someone can stay on your mind for
so long..well nOt *that* long but still..its been 2 weeks
and you think me all of all people woulda been able to have
gotten past this already..hmm..its juss not as easy as i
thought..i always pictured me and him..together for so
long..not exactly foreva but at least til before he started
college and stuff..i guess we both had different plans
huh..maybe wut i had pictured in my head was jus a dream
and maybe he wasnt as perfect and special as i brought him
out to be..but thats wut i believed he was and i didnt
wanna think different..the way i felt about him..i thought
that was real and not that im doubtin how ive felt for him
but if it was so strong n real ..how could it turn out like
dis? hmm...i think wut hurts me the most is jus not havin
the chance to kno how he feels right...or well havin the
assumptions that he doesnt care much at all..it was too
good to be true rite? he promised he would neva hurt me and
even in breakin up he said he was doin it so that 'neither
of us' would get hurt...well i guess promises are always
broken and jus gotta deal wit that..? listenin to 98
degreees rite now..'the hardest thing'..this song jus soo
describes wut im feelin..."cant let u see wut u mean to mee
when my hands are tied n my hearts not free..we're not
meant to be"