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2002-10-09 20:32:29 (UTC)

Looking over..

Just looking at the other things people write in their
diaries just inspires me. Well not all the time. Some
people write about death and suicide (which does not
inspire me, altough I did write a will because I was really
depressed) and some people write about just things. Well I
think tend to write about my social life and just things.
Like ya know what I learned today? Me Jill, Megs, Megz, and
Allison were eating our lunches, yelling over the noisy
crowd to each other what our snapple caps say. Mine said
that the Mona Lisa doesn't have eyebrows. Isn't that
interesting? hehe! Oh and the tastebuds average life span
is ten days! hah. I was thinking today though, what will
heaven be like? My number one fear is death. I mean im
terrified! I don't wanna be alone and scared, I want my mom
to be watching me or rubbing my back (im on the verge of
crying right now ..ahh!). Like Im gonna like not survive
when my dogs die or my fish, because they will be all alone
and scared and not know whats going on! Unless that is dogs
speak to each other and tell the youngins what death is! Aw
man i gotta stop myself right now! Ok toodles!

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