Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
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2002-10-09 20:29:32 (UTC)

This Weekend

Todd asked me if I wanted to goto KD with him saturday and
I was like "Dow,I just told my friend I was hoping youd ask
me to go".He made up this stupid little schedule that he
knows we wont stick by.He wants me to ask my mom if I can
spend the night up there with him.Last weekend I wasnt
expecting to sleep over but we were too tired to take the
exit to my house first,lol.I feel really bad about not
putting out in the AM but I was achey,stinkey,and needed a
shower.I mean I layed on the floor and it felt like my back
was breaking,and I had morning smokers breath,and I kept
thinking about the billions of people at that gym that were
sweating and spitting on me when they sang.I really really
felt bad but I dont know if Im actually ready to be
sleeping overnight with him.You know how I am with todd,if
he says do it I do so I will ask my mom even though I think
its kind of...It shouldnt be a big deal to me but it is.So
if I can spend the night with him down there we'll basicly
spend the day chillin' around the park,which shouldnt be
that crowded at the time.It'll be cool as long as I dont
get sick.Last time I went I didnt drink enough water and
the ride made me puke.I was mad because the food was so
damn expensive,hehe.He says theyre doing some kewl
halloween stuff so thats kewl.
When Todd called I asked my mom about me going out
overnight.He was acting all weird about babysitting
charges.My mom and I goof off all the time so maybe he felt
aquard hearing us gabbing off at eachother.Poor baby's
having a bad day at work.The ATM machine needs to be fixxed
and the computers are shutting up.This weekend I'm gonna
have to plan something small and sweet for him to make him
feel better to cheer him up.Having a bad day sucks.