somwhere in between what is real and jus
2001-08-01 19:50:46 (UTC)

last night was so perfect

Oh my god!!! Last night was so incredibly pefect. I just
don't know how I could ever have found such a sweet.
loving, caring, romantic guy!! And to think he loves ME!!
Bulimic, depressed, cutting, sluty, me!!! Well, all that is
going to change. I am not going to be bulimic, depressed,
cutting, or sluty anymore!!!!! OK~ Jake took me to a movie,
and it was actually pretty damn good. The theatre was
ceowded, and we had to sit in the FRONT row/ But it was ok,
cuz I actually wanted to see the movie. (It was "A Knight's
Tale") There was a part in the movie where William had to
prove his love to.....whatshername, first by losing the
tournament, then half way through she changed her mind and
says he has to win!!! Jake was like "She's not worth it" I
don't really know why, but it kinda ticked me off.......I
was like " So I am not worth it?" He said"Do you want me to
get beat up" So I was a little ticked. But it was ok, cuz I
just kept teasing him about it, and when we got to my
house, no one was home, so he wanted to swing, and I
said, "Ok, I guess you're worth the effort of me moving" He
looked at me and said...."Oh, come on. You know I'd do
anything for ya." I almost cried! It was so sweet!!! Oh my
god! Then we were swinning and he was tickling me and
pulled me close to him, just kinda holding me. But I wanted
to go sit on the steps, and so we did, and I gave him a
back rub ccuz his back hurt. Then we went running through
the sprinkler withour clothes on! Next was actually the
best part~we laid on the grass, looking up at the stars,
and just talked for hours about EVERYTHING. Mostly about
how scared I am about next year.....he said not to worry
about it, and promised me he would love me forever, and it
was so incredibly sweet! AHHHHH! Oh my god...he said the
sweetest things to me, and we decided th stars were
romantic, and a ton of other stuff....I just hope we can
last forever....I love him so much, and I don't know what I
would do if I ever lost him! But I have a ton of cleaning
to do, so I better get going.....yuck, I hate cleaning!!!