Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-08-01 19:40:21 (UTC)

Wednesday, August 1st

Well, the world has kept turning, still waiting on test
results, as I will be for the next several weeks. We had a
long discussion last night after watching Dr. Phil from
Oprah yesterday. It was all about how you turn out to be
your parents or the complete opposite of your parents, and
I told hubby that he had turned out to be the exact things
he hated in his father---the booze, the women, and how he
treated his mother. He admitted that was true, and he had
to work on resolving that. He said that I also picked up
some things from my parents also. That I am controlling,
and want things to be perfect. He goes the other way and
wants to see how imperfect he can be.

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