I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-10-09 18:58:19 (UTC)

A New Obession

I am an in the closet Star Trek fan. My family and I would
watch it every week. Only The Next Generation (TNG) with
Captain Picard and Data and so forth. My favorite
character however was Wesley Crusher, played by Wil

If you don't know who Wil is you have severly missed out.
He was also in Stand By Me with River Phoenix. Remember
the scene with the leeches in his underwear? Please see
that movie. It's wonderful.

Well, back to my obsession. Somehow, I came across Wil's
site. It's called WIL WHEATON DOT NET. He decided to
create it because he found that he had a club on Yahoo!
and thought that was really cool. He didn't trust anyone
to make a website about him because they wouldn't know
the "real" Wil. So, smart man that he is, made his own.
Taught himself HTML, and worked on it.

Wil is an amazing writer. He is now married, and has to
stepsons, Nolan and Ryan. He still has that sweet little
boy face, but a razor sharp wit and a soft heart. I check
the site often. You can too.