April Wynn

April Wynn
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2002-10-09 18:08:02 (UTC)

october 9, 2002

ok...well not much has been happenin really. I just found
out that i will be going to edmonton this weekend, and i
get to miss a day of school :P ok, Micheal is not coming
here obviously. But it doesn't really matter if I'm going
there, cause then i will still get to see him. Robbie
blocked my number, so when i get to edmonton, i can phone
him, I'll probably ask for sky just incase that silly karla
is livin with rob. yeah... i dont really know what to write
about. My sister ran away last night. But my mom keeps
rewarding her bad behavior, and spoiling her. I remember
when i was 13, and i had an attitude with a mouth. They
both got slapped right outta me! Many people I have
discussed with about aly think all she needs is a good
lickin. My mom keeps sayin "we owe her nine years..." (my
mom hasnt had her for the last nine years, she lived with
her g-ma) anyway, i think that includes nine years of hair
pulling and crying on the way to school just the same as
the rest of us girls had. I know thats a bit harsh, but
hey, she needs the disciplin that we got. It worked. so
whatever, i dont know what to do about her. She takes so
much for granted, and doesnt want to make the effort to
make things work as a family. Really its just a matter of
ajusting to a familyy life, aly has been the only child for
nine years, and spoiled rotten. I dont understand, because
my aunts and uncles were disciplined like mad, but aly, she
just sat on her ass all day everyday. never had to lift a
finger. anyway, she'll learn, hopefully. I am just tired of
doin the dishes and cleaning by myself everyday. While aly
gets to rent movies, go to the store...you know, all that
spoiled stuff. anyway i'm just sick of it. well thats whats
on my mind. Oh yeah and micheal...he's always on my mind :P
but yeah i hope i get to see him this weekend. :P later,
April Wynn