of little importance
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2002-10-09 17:10:38 (UTC)


it's weird. life that is. and the people in it. how much
they change. and cause everything in life itself to change.

i don't understand why all this meaningless drama is so
important. why do people make other's lives difficult for
things so insignificant? why do people continue to do
things when they don't want to? is it because they don't
know how to quit, or they just don't want to make the
effort to stop? or do they not want to have to make a
decision that could hurt someone? so instead they hurt
everyone involved.

don't be selfish. there's someone waiting for you right
around the corner. can't tell you which corner that takes
all the fun out of it. plus i don't know. but you will
find happiness. or it will find you rather. it's your
choice whether you are content or not until then. and how
happy you eventually end up will be based on your
contentment. don't take advantage of people. not only are
you hurting them, but the damage you will do to yourself is

life isn't all about how much you can get out of it.
really, it's not. it's how much you can help someone else
get out of it. it's the impact you can make on someone's
life. the lasting impact, that really changes a person.
no offense, but no one's going to care who you are right
now in a few years. okay, they may care, but it's not
really going to make a difference to them. they're not
really going to remember it. unless you made an impact on
their lives. and then, they'll never forget you.