life is just a poker game
2001-08-01 18:30:34 (UTC)

got it

Got the apartment! Moving in the weekend of the 11th.
Current landlord is being an ass about Tray staying there
while my name is on the lease but his isn't. Told him I'd
take responsibility for that rent too, because I know Tray's
not gonna fuck me over like that. It's his roof, so to
speak. But they said he has to go put in an application and
get a credit check. His credit sucks. So I hope it works out
alright. He said that he talked to someone there that said
it would be okay if the lease just stayed in my name, and if
the rent was paid on time from now until when it expires,
they'd just transfer it over to his name. But they called me
today and said something completely different...that he'd
have to put in an application yada yada. That place is so
inefficient and weird. I hate landlords that have about five
inept people working for them.

Anyway, this had all better work because I'm not moving out
to screw Tray over. But I think it will. And this whole
thing with me getting the apartment is awesome. It happened
in a matter of days...and it's nice and it's in my price
range. Some things were just meant to happen, I guess.

Tray said something about this diary this morning. I told
him I had nothing to hide from him, because I don't. He said
well you didn't tell me about it. Well, am I required to
tell you about everything that I do? Damn.

I hope we don't destroy what's left of our friendship in
these 10 days we have of living together.

I'm going to miss not having a computer but it will be for
the best. Otherwise I'd just be absorbed into it and not
improve anything about myself. The greatest opprotunity for
improvement is during times of change, right? We'll see...

I go.

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