HuMaN NatUre
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2002-10-09 16:46:42 (UTC)

Am I going to pass life??

U know that they always say that u will do well when you
study. Everybody says that. Well, almost everybody say
that. When U don't do well they only say study harder....
Really like thats going to help at all.. In Singapore
expecially if u don't pass ur O'level... Its like the end
of ur life.. well i close to that.. Real close to that.. I
study like 10 hours but my result came out like i studied
30 min... well I leave it to faith.... nothing really that
i can do...

Well on the other hand life is almost getting better. I
found somebody finally. I would say that she is well...
nice.. somebody that I find special... Really I don't know
how she came to my life... Lets just see how things turn
out at the end of the year.......

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