2001-08-01 18:10:30 (UTC)


hello diary
I need a job. I haven't had a job since...ever. I am 17
years old and I have been living off my father's expense. I
mean, if I think about it...I have been living life too
easy. Everything is handed to me and I feel guilty ( only
for a short while) So low and behold, my father complains
to me that I need to start managing my own dough. OH MY
GOD. well duh? it's about frickin time huh? Anyways...I am
not really amped for any job searchin'. Im a lazy bum!! Poor
little me happens to fall across these AWWWEESSSOOMMEE bebe
sandals for $150...I look to my dad and plead,"You can
afford it, right?" You know what he does? He just shakes
his head and says, "No, Lil...YOU can't afford it!" *GASP*
Looks like he's serious about me pullin' my own weight. God
dammit me.