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2002-10-09 14:17:08 (UTC)

Follow The Leader

I would just like to state that i am having troubles
starting this entry. I have concluded that an online
journal is a difficult thing to do when you live a life of
mainly solitude and nothingness.
Here is the only thing 00000.3% worth mentioning about my
This afternoon, i was in a cheery mood. And my
front door was open, but the security door shut. And in my
cheery mood i had music up VERY loud, and i was singing
VERY loud. And one of bens friends messaged him before, and
said that he came over at 5.10pm, and was ringing the
doorbell for ages, he said he heard me singing. I was
singing at the top of my voice, extremly loudly. It was
very very funny.
*taps keys*

Yes that is the only thing i have to write about. Earlier i
was trying to read some 19th century philosophy, but i was
distracted by quite a performance in an irc channel.

I am getting frustrated at having nothing to write about. I
have no thoughts on anything.

I am smoking only one ciggerette per hour this evening,
which is hard because i have been smoking up to three an
hour recently. I have been puffing like umm something that
smokes lots. Yes thats something alright.

Another thing to note, I am getting addicted to crime
mystery television shows like "Law&Order"
I am in love with one of the actors, which proberly
contributes to my mounting addiction.
, Benjamin

I would eat a live guinea pig to jump in the sack with him.
Another thing, Why am i being so superficial lately? I was
me, then i changed, and now i have changed again. Anyway
oogle away non readers.



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