Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-08-01 17:41:33 (UTC)

The Purpose of This Site

In any situation, you have a choice to act or react. I could blast
the person who left me nasty feedback (yet another), or I can act
maturely. I choose to act.

This site is not a message board. It's not a place we come in order
to have everything we say judged. On the contrary, we come here to
put our thoughts down in an open loving atmosphere where people
accept each other. I have always enjoyed expressing my thoughts and
receiving the occassional supportive feedback, as well as reading
others' entries and giving them positive feedback.

There are some unwritten rules that come along with accessing this
site. You don't judge people for their comments, no matter how much
they offend you or how much you diasgree with them. This is
everyone's place to say whatever is on their mind, no matter how off
the wall. That's why people are here- to say things that they can't
tell others.

Anyone who violates these unwritten rules has lost all of my respect.

In the last few days, my comfort here has been completely taken from
me. I no longer feel free to speak my mind. When I come here, I
feel more hurt than healing, and that is not why I started this
diary. I hate to move my diary. I hate to let them win. I'm going
to take some time to think about it, but this might very well be the
last you hear from me.

I'll miss all of you who gave me love and support...