Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-10-09 12:10:41 (UTC)

Oh, how I'm a chicken

Yeah, so Monday, I wanted to talk to Matt because I think
i'm starting to like him, but there was no way to get a
hold of him, so me and erica looked in the phone book and
then we called like four wrong numbers, well, by the time
that we found his, i was too chicken to call so i made
erica's sister, lauren, call him. Well, then because I made
Erica ask Blake if he liked her, she made me ask matt, but
I was too scared so i made lauren do it...I don't know, I
know it sounds really youngish..but yeah, i'm just a
chicken. so, apparently he does and erica didnt' know how
blake could only like her as a friend but matt actually
liked me. I explained to her that it could have to do with
the fact that the whole time that her and blake were making
out fer the last half hour, I was actually talking to and
getting to know Matt. but i emailed Blake last night and he
said that he could see his liking her develop into
something more. So, yeah..LoL, but I called matt last night
and we talked fer a while but Ben U. called through and so
i hung up with matt but i talked to him fer like 20
minutes. so, we're gonna hang out and do something on
Friday night, but now i'm nervous. Oh well, I don't really
care, he's supposed to call on Thursday after i get my
nails done.

Adam got his nipples pierced and apparently someone in his
choir class decided that they would pinch or hit it or
something and he ran out of the room because they were
bleeding. The poor guy. Oh well, it's not me. No, i'm
kidding, i do feel bad. But i'm kinda glad we're not
together anymore because of the fact that he's getting too
many piercings and yeah, i really dont like all that. But
it's all right, because lil miss.tiffeny has him now, so
she can deal with his holey body.