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2002-10-09 06:06:10 (UTC)

I hate complications!!!!

Just when I think that my life is going to go good,
something gets thrown in!

So, I'm talking to Rachel earlier tonight and I asked what
was up with Tim since he was over at her house but left
shortly after she started talking to me. He didn't really
talk to me today so I was wondering if something was wrong.
She said no and that he probably didn't mean to but he's
trying to get things sorted out in his head. He likes me
and all but he is Bisexual. And he has three girls who like
him. So, that puts him in an awkward position where he has
three girls who like him and one guy. He doesn't know what
to do.

I don't care really about his decision. Whatever makes him
happy is fine with me. I hope things go my way but I highly
doubt they will.


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