In Shaddy's Shadow
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2001-08-01 16:49:36 (UTC)

BoyZ BoyZ BoyZ

Well damn it's been a while since i last wrote you..but
anywayz that shit with Vinnie is startin again...i haven't
talked to him for like a week now...But really Oh'Well..

It alwayz seems like Rachel's man, Chris is forever tryin to hook me
up with one of his niggas but damn this time he has done it...this
time he's really tryin to hook me up with his boy, Philly that just
moved here..and this time he's actually cute..well "FINE as shit"
better says it..He's only 16 though about to be 17 he's Rican and is
from Philly...but FINE as shit and looks more like 18, 19..but
anywayz we been chillin a lot.

Chris is really tryin to push shit tooo much & He's really into
puttin' people on the spot. Like yesterday..he came & picked me with
Philly & we went for a walk. I just started rollin' soo my rollin'
skills are not all there yet..but i rolled a blunt yesterday & Chris,
Philly and I were gonna smoke it.. well i was kinda scared to give it
to chris cus i though he'd laught at my blunt, but he was like "Eve,
damn this blunt is kinda phat, you sure got Philly beat on
rollin'"...I was all smiles after that. He lite the blunt and we
started smokin as soon as that shit went around once Chris busted out
with some bullshit talkin bout.."so eve wassup with u and my boy"
Philly's like "who me?" well damn was i on the spot..

well i'm pretty sure Philly likes me cuz chris told me that
everytime they chillin Philly's like "Yo Wassup with Eve"..So Chris
says but ya know how niggas be.. well i don't know if i'ma make a
move with him..

Tonight they want me to go ova Philly's crib..and chill Ova
there..Rachel might sleep over & if she does she's gonna wanna go ova
there see her MAN! (CHRIS)
but i'm out for now
write ya tomorrow to tell ya what all went down