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2002-10-09 05:17:21 (UTC)


Hello bright white screen. Your rather harse on the eyes
I have nothing to say today, i am feeling quite sane. So
sane in fact, that i couldnt even watch law & order! Its
boring being sane.
Last night i was educated on elias theory. Its interesting,
but seems quite crackpot (sorry frozle) I also dont like
such theorys because i would rather think for myself. Even
though free will doesnt exist anyway, thinking for me is
thinking for me, regardless of the origin. Speaking of
thinking i have to check my letter box.
Oh funny think happened this morning, that debt company
called and left me another message on my voice mail. They
always call early in the morning, and they never say who
they are calling for its always the same woman. The
message today was slightly different from the rest
"Hello Rachel this is Tania calling if you could you please
return my call on , there will be someone to
take your call untill 7.30pm" Usually they dont include
that 7.30pm bit. Blah.
Yesterday peoples names were freaking me out. That has
escalated to letters and words today. I am amazed i can
read and write. Its annoying that i cant just see a word
for the shapes and lines, i have to see the word. Word.
Hmm things like that annoy me. Last night prisoner wasnt on
tv. That spoiled my day. And possiable todays day. But i
guess that was then, now is just before, and tomorrow is
later. I thought just now i might ask thomas if he has ever
seen a buck toothed monkey, but changed my mind. I dont
really need an answer. I can imagine what a buck toothed
monkey looks like. *blinks*
I wanted to write last night, but the site was down, thats
a good thing because the entry would have been full of
I am still in my morning clothes (which actually consists
of pajama shorts today) and its 3.19pm. Its weird how i
keep track of the time, but not of the date or day. I
thought i was thursday today. I forget.



P.S Thomas doesnt remember his link, so if anyone wants to
read his diary the username is Bacon. But he isnt a pig.