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2002-10-09 05:14:07 (UTC)

Middle Ages

In case you hadn't realized this, I love history. Now, I
am far from being a history buff, but I do know my fair
share. Why am I telling you this? Well, on the almost 300
cable channels that I have, there was nothing on this
evening that was decent to watch except for A Knight's
Tale with Heath Ledger.

Any movie with Heath Ledger is worth seeing just to see
his lovely face. But this one is actually very well
written (in my opinion) and though not historically
accurate (in fact, not very accurate in that sense at all)
it is still a fun and entertaining story.

But it got me to thinking. I don't think that I could have
lived in medieval times. If I had my choice, I would have
liked to lived in colonial America. Be a farmer, work the
land. Hard work I don't have a problem with at all. Though
wearing dresses all the time would get on my nerves. But
the difference that would really bother me is dirt.

Okay, before you judge, hear me out. Ready? I hate being
dirty. HATE IT. "Um...hello? A farmer? Dirt? Or had you
not noticed that?" you may be telling yourself. And yes,
of course I know that. But, baths and being clean were
expected during colonial times. In the middle ages,
immersing one's self in water was a way to die. Or so they
thought. It was just a very unclean time. And thinking
about it gives me the shivers.

I can work in the dirt, and the mud, and get sweaty and so
forth, as long as I can GET CLEAN AFTERWARDS. It's one of
my obsessive-compulsive disorders I think.

But the past is still a fascinating subject.


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