2002-10-09 05:03:40 (UTC)

mustard days

went to study with ryan tonight.

i dont have much to say.
i did a lot of conversating tonight.

i messed up my hoodies strings and its sad.

sarah is coming here in the morning.
she is a crazy girl.
but whatever.

i dont want to go to school tomorrow. there is so much
shit i have to do. i hate oral presentations. and this
will be my second, this week. blah.

nails make it hard to type.

i am in love with melissa ferrick-its offical.

i want emily to be here.
i need to touch her.
i need to feel her beside me.

im not feeling so safe.

i miss the balance that she brings into my life.

we are so very different.

its the ketchup.
the catsup.

im going to see her mommy on friday hopefully and that
makes me very happy. i love her mom so much. i miss the
positive reinforcment. i dont get...any anymore.

baby you can sleep while i drive
lets run away...
far far away from school and work and all the shit...
i want to be in new orleans.
i want to live my life.
this isnt living...
this is
nothing. this is...
not reality.
this is a dream day in day out and in again

kick out the gloom kick out the blues tear out the pages with all
the bad news pull down the mirrors and pull down the walls tear up
the stairs and tear up the floors oh just burn down the house burn
down the street turn everything red and the dream is complete with
the sound of your world going up in fire its a perfect day to throw
back your head and kiss it all goodbye...
-the cure