Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
2002-10-09 04:37:03 (UTC)

What a shitty day

well basicly i got called a piece of shit tonight by my
girlfreind. yeah that is shity. oh and it maid me feel
great to. i gald to know that she wants to kill herself
orhave somone else do it for her. yeah that says alot about
me. Hey Everyone i make my girlfreind want to kill herself.
i figured out what the journals are for. they are sad
pissed off people to write in and write now iam one of
those people. OUr Relationship is one sided like i never
fuckig go to her house or to church. she proably. she comes
to my work and i don't even want to do my job because i
want to talk to her. when i go to her work i get weird
looks and i feel like a fucking bother. Hell i just feel
like crying god i am so fucking pathetic. you know things
go great. then i get all of this shit. i don't know what to
do. she says that i just blow off the way she feels aobut
me. howam i supposed to know i think one thing then i read
somthing like tonight. and then i think well fuck i
screwing up her life. she has hr mind set on how her lif is
going to be but she doesn't understand life is what you
make it. she thinks that it i pre maid.i don't know
idon'tknow idon' tknow idladjlajgja ]pu]-ug]paup[tu/.Oh
yeah she will talk to her freind about me but she won't
talk to me. god damit all to hell. i realized that i suck
tonight and i don't even know how. Lindsey why am i such a
bad boyfreind you say i not to me. but you tell perry i
am . YOu say it because you meant it you say i hate
everyone today how am i supposed to take that i don't take
everythin that bothers be outon you i don'tknow what to
believe. how am i supposed to know what you say behind my
back to your freinds? and what you say t me . because from
what i read they are apparently two difffernt things!