Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-08-01 16:33:01 (UTC)

woohoo yay! i figured it out!

I figured it out! I don't know if she believes me but I
don't care cuz now I know what really happened during that
whole thing and that's all that matters! At least this is
the truth as far as Krystal told me. But what Kaitlyn said
makes a lot of sense...she is just herself (even if she likes an ucky
toothpaste ;)). And the way she put it made SO much sense! I won't
write it here for her sake, but I think that's all ancient history
and Michelle's not gonna go putting her big nose in other
people's business anymore. God (and I'm not saying that in
vain, I'm praying), I feel as if a huge weight has been
lifted off of me, and only You could give me the strength
to push it away. Amen.