Dave's Mental Meanderings
2002-10-09 04:35:10 (UTC)

Poem - "Foreign Shores"

By the salt in my veins and the scars on my back
And the weariness that lives in my eyes,
It’s easy to tell that I’ve drifted so long
Beneath the treacherous skies.
The waters are wide and empty in time,
They never forgive nor forget,
They’ll sing you to sleep just to jolt you awake
In a cold and frightening sweat.
Many times have I sailed ashore
For a place to call my home,
To fly my flag and sell my ship
And forever cease to roam.
In the land of the righteous I built four walls
And a roof to keep me dry,
Too young to succeed, too stupid to quit,
Too optimistic to cry.
When I untied the knot to open the sail
I turned a moment too soon,
I ended up wishing I’d taken my chances
On sleeping under the moon.
I had barely escaped from that land with my life
When I spotted a flickering light,
Had my vision been clear I’d have never gone near,
But such is the curse of the night.
I set foot on that soil in the midst of a war
That I hope I can someday forget,
I was beaten and battered and sent on my way
While the deck of my ship was still wet.
I had nothing left of substance enough
To be caught in fishnet mesh,
The sea has a way of inflicting new wounds
While keeping the old ones fresh.
I drifted along with no charted course
And nothing to gain or lose,
When I ran aground on an unseen beach
There was no other option to choose.
To my surprise I started to feel
The urge to wander no more,
This place feels too much like home to be
Just another foreign shore.