[What You Will]
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2001-08-01 16:28:11 (UTC)

gReEn DaY

errr..yah, Green Day. I love 'em, you love ''s all
You know what? I need to rant, not rave, right now.
Women have a problem. Now, I, being a future one of those,
do not like to admit it, but women have a problem! Their
problem is...they really really really like sex!! To the
point where, they think that's all they want, that or the
alternative - chocolate..haha...err...anyway. But the point
is, they torture men by becoming these sex fiends and
demanding it from men at any cost (literally). The truth of
the matter is, sex should be used for reproduction only.
That's what it was made for, right? And before the
inventions of birth control and other birth preventing uh
things...people did not have sex to have fun!! Obviously,
they did it to have children!! But now, we've created our
own monster by making "birth preventing things". I mean,
think about it...why were they made? Because people wanted
to have the fun of sex without dealing with having
children!! Didn't that just change the original meaning of
the thing? Yes *nods* yes yes yes. So in a way, we created
our own monster...and primarily out of women. Women are
obsessed with sex, but not in the way men are. Men think of
it as a pride kinda thing, women just want it to feel good.
There have got to be other ways to feel good, besides
chocolate too..that's just as bad. We have reduced ourselves
to horny (sorry, please excuse the language) lil' animals
with nothing to do but fuck (oops) each other. Now really,
hugs are much nicer. Everybody hug each other. Good night.
I'm tired and ending this right in the middle where it