Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-10-09 02:52:00 (UTC)

Oral Sex...

Damn, I love going down on women...

Oh yes... I do..

I know lots of guys who don't, or they just think, yeah,
ok, whatever. But I really enjoy it.

With my ex grrl friend, (she who is slowly becoming
my friend again, not My Goddess of the Sky) I would go
down her all the time, at first, I sucked, figuratively...
Then I was, I think, pretty damned good.

The tongue stud, I know, for a fact, that has changed the
way I do it, and I am better for it. You see, when you have
one in, you have to go slower, or you kill your tongue,
what the number one complaint women have? TOO FAST!!

Now I know better, and I perform better to boot.

And yes, I am still a guy.. I keep track..

an orgasm in 3 minutes was my fastest. the longest was

The most in an hour, 3, least in an encounter, 1... okay,
that includes the last 4 years, it doesn't include the
previous ones...

I have in the last 4 months, had 3 women... well, one completely. and
two others in the "fooling around, but no intercourse dept".
And I
should like to say, I've not failed once.

And yeah, again, it's aguy thing, if we can't do it, then we aren't
doing our jobs and we feel inadequate.. of course, on the other hand
it also leads to no end of feelings of the same, if we are stupid
enough to voice that issue, of the women we are trying to pleasure.

So, all I have to say, is relax, and enjoy...

I know I do...

Pleasuring a woman, there's nothing like it...

Man, do I love it...