Happy days, and then those other ones
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2001-08-01 15:27:46 (UTC)

happy august


okay, i have the theme song of jeopardy going in my head as
i wonder whether he's going to come up. What's a girl to
do? hmmmm...

he wrote:
"no im coming but i dont knowwheits uptyomymomi
amdefinatelyeither coming
uptoorroworot at all
imnot madat you
myfriend isgoing todrive metothe terminal tomorrow
so i will callahead ifi am coming
i still love you dont worry about that
and i dontthink i could ever be madat you sorry formaking
almost cryptic... but not.

this is so fucking annoying that i want to scream.

i can't scream, i'm not good at it... i'm too self-consious
that i can't. I used to... to make my mom worry that i was
dying or something. she was never worried. hmmmm....

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