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2001-01-23 22:00:26 (UTC)

hi there this is my first entry..

hi there

this is my first entry in this new diary of mine, and to be
honest I don't know what to do with it yet *lol*

first of all I can introduce my self a littel bit; I have
just started on my forty second year on this earth. Live
with my two sons and my dog, and have been alone for more
than 13 years now. I like it that way, and have no
intention to change it :)Men are a joyable thing and I like
having fun, so they are present at times, but not for long !

i work as a secretary, in a small town in a small country
in Europe, I like my work and hope to keep it for long. One
day I would like to take a hole year off work and go to
Alaska, just live in a small cabin and enjoy the peace and
quietness there.

when I don't work or stay with my sons, I enjoy
hockeygames. My favourit team is just now struggeling to
make it all to the top of the list, and I go whenever I can
to cheer then on :-) I too enjoy conserts, stand up show
live on stage, playing card on the internet and many other

That'll be all for to day, maby we meet another time too ?
Big hugs from me to you !

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