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2002-10-09 01:45:53 (UTC)

Tuesday October 8th

Well, today was boring at school. Not much happened and I
was hungry all day because I forgot to bring money to
school. It's not my fault. It's Suzy's fault. She showed up
at my house too early and so I didn't have time to grab my
money. See, Suzy drives me to school most mornings. So,
when she comes I go. If i take to long, she usually leaves
without me.

On a good note though, I may have a boyfriend soon.
Timothy. Recently, like last weekend, he came out to Rachel
and myself and told us he is BI. Come to find out, he has
done stuff with Tyrone. Also come to find out, Tamera has
known about this for a year and half. She never told me but
oh well. Anyways, Timothy evedently likes me too because he
found out from Rachel that I've had a crush on him and he
called me last night and said that once he gets his head
straight, we'll see where things go and that him and I will
have to get together and do "something". He didn't want to
say what in case anyone heard him at his home but I know
what. :)