2002-10-09 01:39:55 (UTC)

fuck everything i just want her..

fuck everything

i just want her here right now and shes not and thats all
i fucking want right now i want to hold her hand an di
want to be able to kiss her if i want to i just want her
here and shes not and i dont know where she is i never do
anymore and i barely talk to her and when i do its stupid
talk where are you what are you doing okay bye i dont want
that i want real talk but not on the phone either i just
miss her and its making me retarded im crying i want to
leave florida i want to leave everyone but her i dont like
anyone i hate everyone i just want to sleep for the rest
of my life because people are so mean and so gross and
shes beautiful and shes real and nothing else is nothing
fucking else is so call me crazy i dont care anymore i
hate that this world has done this to me made me like this
and its back and then forth and i am not okay i am not
okay iam not and no one even can tell until i say
something because either they dont care or im too good at
it and i hate when i cry liket his because then its whats
wrong whats wrong cant you fucking tell whats wrong i have
to go i have to go now

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