My Life!!!
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2002-10-09 01:07:30 (UTC)

i'm TIRED!!!!

i just got up like 10 minutes ago... i was sooo tired from
school today! well...uhm.....lets see... i'mma be working
on tha weekends now! o SHOOT.. gett'n paid!...lols. imma
bagger for the commissary. HELL yea BABY! lols well
anyways i've just been kicken it lately. nothen much going
on right now except mEeh and mah GURL lols! dayum... i
dunno wat else to say.. o YEA mah B-Day is comming up!!!!
heLL yeA baby... i'mma be 15 next month! well i think
that's about it... soo lateHAZ!


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