Scriblings Of A Crazy Person
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2002-10-09 01:04:55 (UTC)

To speak of many things.

To plagarize a walrus,
Would be quite hard to do,
For what is it a walrus could write,
That I could not write too,

I fear, my friends that the title of my diary today may be a
slight bit misleeding. Remember how much I whined about
being tired yesterday? Well, double that and
that's about where I am now. And I still have to do my
homework. KILL ME NOW!!! Well, I just wanted to make sure I
got in SOMETHING today for all my loyal readers (loyal
readers? HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!).
However, I may have to make my entry today short and sweat
(well, short and salty with a hint of lemon, but close
enough). Well, I made it through another day of school
without flipping and loosing what's left of my distorted
(spelling?) and warped marbles. That's always an
acomplishment, I guess. I don't like my computer programing
teacher, he took away the only two parts of that class that
I really enjoyed. Okay, the first thing is that I used to
quite enjoy switching the dull typings of the programs he
gave me to do with slightly amusing witiness (Example:
Program asks student what their grade is, if failing he
would have us print "[Students Name] is failing" DULL so in
the same circumstances I would put something like "[Students
Name] is "speshul"" which amused me at least [I am VERY
easily amused]) anyway, I did do that until he stopped me
(Teacher: Blah blah blah, fallow directions, blah blah blah,
hate kids, blah blah blah, destroy what's left of your
imagination, blah blah blah, eat you. [You know, the
usual]). Besides that, the only other thing I really enjoyed
about that class was staying while the rest of the kids went
to lunch and messing with the computers of the kids
computers next to me (painting little things in Paint and
leaving them on the screen for them to find, harmless stuff
like that). Well, I DID enjoy that untill my teacher decided
that he had to stay in class till everyone headed off to
lunch to prevent that sort of thing (Teacher: Blah blah
blah, I'm a fun nazi, blah blah blah, kill your family,
etc.). Is it just me or do most teachers suck? Well, now
that my two joys of that class are spent I guess my life in
that class shall be spent in the pit of eternal mild
depression (where I shall get mildly sunburned?). Well, I'll
probably find some way to mess with peoples computers, I can
be very crafty when it comes to amusing myself. Hmm... note
to self, see if you can come into posesion of some peoples
souls... maybe I should trade my lunch money... hmm... Well,
that's probably all the energy I can devote to typing for
today, however look out soon for I will print the first
chapter (I'm thinking of calling them episodes) of a book
I'm working on called Newbius Blue. It's about a bounty
hunter named Newbius Blue and his zany sidekick Apple, oh
the hilarity. Well, seeyas all soon peoples, have a good
early fall night's dreams.

Sincerely About Some Of It,

PS: What is Peter Piper ran out of pecks of pickled peppers
to pick?

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