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2002-10-09 00:44:29 (UTC)

i never waited for anyone and i was always right

but yeah now i give up, i surrender...
i would wait for you. forever.

"thank you for everything you gave without knowing"


i am clean.
i have water in my ear.

i am missing emily.
and trying very hard not to.
its difficult.
i dont even think she wants to talk to me today.
there are just so many things.
that i wish she could understand.
and that i wish i could about her.
but even understanding things
doesnt really seem to make a difference it seems.

"god gave us memory, so that we might have roses in

i have a psych exam tomorrow.
i have a presentation to give tomorrow.

girls are weird.

"thank you for letting me fall in love, without

i can not wait to see her again.
i love her.
a whole lot.

"for once i am willing, and now what, ive got to wait."

i am going to go write essays for fsu...
and then go to sleep.
i just woke up.
i cant get enough.
i dont want to stop.
maybe i wont.

i never knew it was so easy to get pills from doctors. and
i can get stronger ones too if i dont like these. and i
doubt its going to help all that much. most things dont
anymore. i hate putting chemicals in my body like that.
he tried to convience me to get the surgery. he didnt even
know my curvature or anything.

"living is the only thing worth dying for"

i wish i could sleep with someone tonight.
i dont even care who just someone. i hate sleeping by
myself. wheres robin. she was good for that.