my life
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2002-10-09 00:16:17 (UTC)


october 8, 2002 tuesdaii 8:14 pm

kk..gosh, i lyk dis guy..he's realli cool...very
g...everything~!!! andhe also has a sense of humor too~!!
i kno, he's perfect~!!! i juss found out last sundaii at
his house (ma friends and i were all at his house) dat he
use to lyk me...during da beginning ob da year..u kno wat?
i used to lyk him then too`!!!! and..i feel lyk dat ive
missed ma chance, bc he lyks another grl now.. butu kno
wat? i still hab not gonna gib up..i lyk
him alot.... ^^ ..God, help me tp go through this~!!!!
and, hoo eva is reading dis, God loves u~!!! check him
out, ull learn to lub him`!!! hes da perfect friend u kan
hab~!!! and da best supporter too~!!!!