Defient By Nature
2002-10-09 00:05:14 (UTC)

First one

Alright this is my new online journal thingy. i am using
this now because dead journals is charging which really
pisses me off. i can not stress the fact enough that this is
a journal NOT a diary lol. alright heres some background
info on me. My names Corey i'm from pennslyvania. i just
moved here from living with my dad down in texas. i have one
brother and two half brothers that i don't know. i have
blonde hair... blue eyes.... and am 5'7 - 5'8. i am
currently living with my grandparents in the town i was born
in.... ( so far not very intersting huh? give it time ...
the world is out to screw me and you'll see how soon enough
:) i'm in tenth grade at BHS which is the best school i've
ever been too at least better than the other two that i've
gone too. i am currently single which is a drag but sumthing
i hope to overcome very soon lol. if u know me already then
u know reading this is going to be hillarious i have a
very.. "unique" view on life... and interesting angles of
looking at things. if u don't know me just sit back and
check in from time to time to see how i've screwed myself
this time. alright well i'm goin for now will write more
tomorrow .... later