Josh's Journal
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2002-10-08 23:35:29 (UTC)

First Entry

Well I Woke Up At 5:30 and Felt Like Sh*t Again! I took a
shower for like a half hour! Then I got dressed and went
off for school! I Talked to My Buddy Milton(Jim) and Told
Him That Home Depot Is The Best! Then The Bell Rang and I
went to shop. Well We watched channel one news and ofcourse
I slept through it! Then Homeroom Was over and i wire
brushed some parts for a Ford Ranger Front Axle U-Joints. I
ordered the parts the day before and they didn't show up
till today at noon so most of the day I sat. Iversen Ford
Is Sooo Slow!!!! When They Finally came me and Richie put
em in! Then School Was Over. I Got Home and Cleaned My
Garage and talked to some of my friends and stuff. Then I
am Working on My Shops Site! Overall My Day was pretty good!