Love,Life and everything inbetween
2002-10-08 23:14:27 (UTC)

Mel's World

Hey Hey People who like to read about my personal life :)
Welcome to Mel's world..I'll just write in this everyday
and if anyone has a question they should ask :D

Today has been a boring day for me..I woke up and started
to watch TV..Eventually I got on the computer and turned on
all my chat programs..Still there is nothing to do..I'm
talking to my friend Jim right now..He doesn't have much to
say..He's reading Greg's online journal to find out what
greg really thinks of him..My mom and dad went postering
and Michelle went to her BF's house...I hate my
life..Everyone has someone to see and somewhere to go and
I'm here...alone...with no where to go...Depressing if you
ask me...I talked to Greg's EX GF Tamarra and she's told me
she is moving to Onterio...That was like "woah" didn't know
that was going to happen...But if it will make things
better for her then I'm very happy for her :) I dyed my
hair black sorta brownish and it looks way good..Everyone
hits on me..Makes me feel better about myself...Then I
start to think of my "BF" and how he bashed me when I told
him I was changing my hair color...Oh well...I'm going to
forget about that arguement...I'm so horny that my head is
going to explode...Anyways...nothing interesting going
on...I have alot going on in my head though...I'm sad,
depressed, a lil angry, frustrated...and most of all I feel
so lonely...I don't wanna be all sad and shit but I
am...Maybe I bring it on myself or maybe it is coz the
people around me don't realize how I feel or they don't
want to do anything about it...I don't know...All I know is
that I wish people would want to know how I feel and they

God I write long ass entrys...Not like anyone will wanna
read it...Oh well...Write more another day...