Welcome to MY wOrLd
2002-10-08 22:40:24 (UTC)


Ya. Today I've been thinking.. and ill inform you more on
that later.. i just am getting so confused! and i dont
know what to think anymore.. i guess this is why for the
past week i stopped thinking.. because then i dont feel
hurt. but now the hurt is replaced with confusion.. and i
dont know where that leaves me?

^ So ya, I got into a fight iwth someone tonight. I just dont get
why things have to change.. the person made it sound as though it
was all my fault that we hardly talk and tahst such bullshit. and
aparently this persons gf doesnt want him hanging out wtih us.. FUCK
THAT.. who is she to judge out of all PEOPLE..... i just dont get
things anymore

*kendle said she ran into someone else we used to chill with. and i
guess he was actually really nice to her. which makes me happy.. hes
a good guy, despite everything i say. I'm just the bad person here.
and i am noticing that more and more lately.. what is wrong with
me.. and wtf do i have to change. I jsut dont get life anymore.. it
leads me in all the wrong directions.. i guess tonight is just a sad
depression night.. we all have those though.

I just want to know if im out of place.. I know i keep over reacting
over stupid things. i just have had a rough week i guess... and i
want everything to go my way.. when i guess thats impossible to ask
for, and is way to much to ask for.. thats ok though... everything
will work out.. right?