Random thoughts
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2001-08-01 09:18:16 (UTC)

1st words

Hmm... this is gonna be interesting. First site i came
accross with enough decency to attract my attention into
becoming a member. Tired of the same old diary book... used
to have one but it was so torned and scribbled all over the
place, i can barely read the writings anymore. This is
nicer, more organized, cleaner, convenient, and somewhat
safer from prying eyes. I don't choose that option however
since i feel i don't have anything to hide.

I'm not an open book though, no one really understand me.
Not my parents or my siblings or relatives, not even my
significant other after all these years. Not their
fault. Sometimes i don't even understand myself. I guess i
have too many things in mind, they start to affect your
brain from functioning normally and thus resulted in havoc
of my own behaviors. Who am i kidding. I'm far from over.

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