A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
2001-08-01 08:56:26 (UTC)

strung out till riped apart

::music:: portishead-mysterons
::mood:: ()

back in 97, was a drastic change in the mental of me, for
once i started to see things in a different light, guess it
to blame for my interpretations on life, keeps me phrasing
the things in life i do have, astonishing how a traumatic
experience can alter the psyche. For what you see is what
you know, knowing that all the energy flows towards the
pull of the great magnet. seemingness placed in a rotating
ball of mass called earth, to each degree we love and hate,
sacrificing the things we hold passion to, just to taste a
little bit of what tomorrow holds, holding it inside
so where are we in the abundance of the structure we
assemble, well thats for you to decide, but i once again
found that light that burned back in 97. We are accustom to
and when we lose something cherished we cover up the
feeling with many reactions
Can you say you never used that back up defence, that
survival instinct to keep yourself mobile. Its like a
trigger reaction setting you mind to safe mode. I lost all
to feel empty, in turn causing myself to feel whole, now i
have that feeling i did long ago. Still i miss the people i
can not see in my life and those who i wont be seeing for a
while, i love you all, and i know you understand. The only
way to replace that which was taken is to discover that
nothing is permanent, everything happens for a reason, its

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