Dark Thoughts
2001-08-01 08:47:45 (UTC)


this is freaky. i was out side a few min ago on my
backporch. i have a door that leads from my room onto the
backporch, and i had that door open so that the light in my
bedroom was creating a beam of light about a foot wide
outside. i was just standing there gazing at the stars and
then all of a sudden i noticed that i could see my breath!!
it doesnt sound weird, but it's 70 degrees here!!
so that has now led me to think that there is definately
something supernatural happening at my house, or on the
backporch at least. well after i got back inside i had
myself all freaked out and was loving it. till i shut my
door and was reminded of the evil picture that is in my
room. behind my backdoor, i keep this real freaky picture
that my brother gave me on an easel. somebody had painted
it on canvas and my brother dug it out of the trash and
took it home. well months later he decides to let me have
it. the picture is of this guy (it looks like something tim
burton would create) he's real skinny and deathly looking.
all you can see is the elbows up. he's sitting with his
hands not really folded, but kinda on top of one another
under his chin. he's wearing complete purple, and his hair
is blond. the background is completely black, except for
this odd purple stripe that streaks across behind his head.
no one can figure out what the stripe is. his eyes are
purple also and they are looking to the left (he's facing
straight toward you) and they just happen to be focused on
my backdoor.
well when i shut the door i was face to face with the
picture and then i was suddenly freaked out bad. it wasn't
a cool freaked out anymore, that picture makes me feel like
i'm about to be killed, that's how scared i am. yet i
refuse to get rid of it, yea i know i'm stupid, but who
when i first got the painting i loved it (i still do kinda)
and i thought it was the koolest thing i'd ever seen. it
wasn't till about 3 weeks ago (i've had it for about 2
months) that i became deathly afraid of it.
i have also noticed lately many supernatural things
happening at my home, not just seeing my breath outside in
70 degree weather.
this is one entry that i would love to have feedback on,
i'm fascinated by the paranormal world. i'm out
WEARING: bathing suit, jeans
FEELING: damn good, plus a little freaked out and hungry