2001-08-01 08:01:53 (UTC)

Living Dead Girl

How could I be so stupid? Im falling back into the same
emotional rut I was in a year ago. I dont know what to do,
I dont know where to go, I dont know who to turn to. Im
lost and Im not sure I will ever find my way back.

Once everything is out in the open, you'll wonder how you
never knew, Well I wondered why you never listened. Its all
you had to do. Instead you just told me it was nothing.
It's all in my head. It's something, and its killing me

Day after day after day, it get's harder and harder to wake
up in the morning. I just dont want. I'm sick of this. All
of it. The walls are closing in on me.

You're death is killing me. Im so fucking angry. WHY. WHY

Thats all I ask, yet Im not getting any answers.