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2002-10-08 20:50:18 (UTC)

Well, welcome to the life of me

Why hello! Well I guess you came to take a sneak peek of my
hetic crazy sad life? Well my name is Simone* and I live in
a small town outside of Philly. Im in 8th grade at KV
middle school, and hold ok grades. My best friends are Jill
Natter, Allison Taroff, Meghan Gochin, Megan Hitchner. Jill
and I have been friends for about 2 or 3 years. She is very
special, and we seem to share nothing in common...but
inside we do. Allison and I have been friends for about 2
years, she is very rich and sweet and has a lot of bat
mitzafas to go to ( hehe )! Meghan and are coming up on our
10 year anniversy. She isn't being a really good friend right now. I
think she is "dumping" us. Real bitch sumtimes...bad attitude and
gets everything she wants. Hmph. Megan and I have been friends
since...lets see 4 years? Yep thats it. She is really quite and
sweet. I love her! Yes well I have a mother ( duh ) Nancy , and a
father ( duh duh ) Richard. Two brother; Richard Jr. ( richie ) and
Christopher( chris ). And finally my two poopises ( dogs ) Indy and
Suki. Indy is black and we have had her for about a year. Suki is
yellow and is like 10 years old...shes a good gurlie! Well thats just
a very brief desription of my life right now. Mutti ( mom ) needs to
use the phone soon.

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