Dear God Shoot ME!
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2001-08-01 07:37:31 (UTC)

Shoot me! I think I have sympathetic cow disease!

Its been a while since my last entry , sadly there isnt
much to tell you. But there is one really funny thing that
Amanda is doing. Well She broke up with her boyfriend (who
she oh so loved...yah right) And now she wants to get back
with her faggot ex Matt court. He is such a dork..he is
always complaining. I hope he tells her he moved on...i
hope she kills herself. Im not trying to be cruel...but
come on she dumps her boyfriend whos friend just died,
after she had cheated on him not once, but twice, and now
she wants her ex back that everyone hated. Ah well we are
all making fun of her now. The worst part of it
starting to worry about her. Im afraid she might meet the
wrong guy off the net and get raped or even killed. I dont
understand why she treats me like shit, and for some reason
I still worry about her. What the hell is wrong with me. I
know I write about how i hate her, but I think its because
I dont like how she lives. She doesnt understand that other
ppl get hurt due to love than just her. She has broken many
hearts, if shes not careful one of those hearts are gonna
break her, and im not talking about her heart.
Oh yeah and I got my ear pierced (up top) and it really HURTS!!!