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2001-08-01 07:21:38 (UTC)

Things are tight with money now..

Things are tight with money now and funny how it seems to
be unbeknownst to everyother aspect of my life. It does
fucking suck to be broke all the time. But I still have
nothing to do and no one to do it with. My mom still thinks
I am a loser reguardless. She said to me about a month ago
that I remind her of my cousin..a certain cousin. My cousin
that is having her parents raise her daughter because she
has drug problems and physical problems, and is a spoiled
brat in general. I thought, great. My mom is uncanny
someitmes. She knows for a fact that my little sister has
taken up smoking recently (underage) and she finds a pack
of cigarettes in the freezer. Who does she ask they belong
to?? Sure as shit not my little sister. Un-fucking-canny!
God, I feel like I am a teenager again, scratch that, she
makes me feel like a teenager. Living at home when you are
an adult doesn't change anything. 40 yaers old and I
promise you your parents will still be doing the same shit.
And still, no sex in thier house! LOL
Speaking of wich, I did it again. The mechanic I was
seeing, well, he drinks like my ex husband, and I was too,
and we were feeling lonley...It was two thunbs up, but how
could I do it again? I am a damn slut..I hate it. When you
are an addict, there are certain things you never shake as
a habit. I quit drugs, smoking and eating 'till I was sick,
but I can't stop having sex. Yes, I am an admitted nympho,
and its the least of my problems. At least I hope so.

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