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2001-08-01 07:17:20 (UTC)


I still don't have much to say.

I was reading or heard somewhere about this new phenomenon
called a 'mid - mid life crisis' or something like that, in
which 20-somethings are having major life dilemmas, kinda
like a 'quarter life crisis'. I don't know but I can
totally relate.

I hope this entry won't sound too melodramatic or
depressing but I'm in a bit of a grey mood at the moment. I
am just finding myself despising everything I do and I'm am
so sick and tired of people! Urg! Just everybody. I'm sorry
but people can be so stupid sometimes (myself being at the
top of the list!) I guess I am just tired of playing games,
all those little mind games all people play with each
other, and I am totally over it all!

Hmmmmm didn't realise my mood was this grey! Well I guess
it feels good to find a voice for these things that are
totally irritating me at the moment. Anyway, on a lighter
note I am starting Kung fu tonight which should be
interesting! I'm kinda excited. Should be good. In no time
I will be pulling moves from the Matrix I'm sure!!!

Also a thanks to the cutie who left a quick message for me,
it really did make my day (and I hope your first day was
cool too :)

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