files of the weenie kid
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2002-10-08 18:01:57 (UTC)

i hate guys....but i love them!!

I'm just gonna skip all the worthless crap, and go straight
to my love life, which still consists of nothing AT ALL!
But like I was saying the other night, but could not
elaborate... well, you see what i was going to say was that
on saturday i felt like i might have feelings or something
for this guy, and maybe he might have them back... and I
was all happy....that's what I was gonna write about, then
on sunday....i ran into someone and it totally screwed me
up. cos now i can't stop thinking of, guys are so
screwey...i wish i didn't like them so much! so now the
feelings that i thought might have existed, for the time
being, are gone... and now new feelings...ones that cannot
be fulfilled because this guy isn't available for me, not
because he has another girlfriend or anything, but because
we just cannot be involved for whatever reasons.Well, that's all i
can really write right now, more to
come, soon....

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