2 Weeks Before School starts!
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2001-08-01 06:58:18 (UTC)

Its 1:52 A.M.

Oh my goodness! Its late! Ive just been workin on my
web page and being as dorky as can be. This is my first
entry in this diary, and Im thinkin to myself, why would I
want an online diary? I have a perfectly good "ofline" one.
Well, that one isn't public. So now I have a diary that
people can see and one that people cannot. Wow, whoever is
reading this must sure be getting bored.... But then again,
I have a reason to be boring, its 1;57 in the morning and
Im sitting here with my back hunched over and staring at a
computer screen... I think I should get to bed. Goodnight.

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